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    Pest Control

    Did you know that Florida is home to more insect species than the rest of the continental United States combined? The statistic may seem staggering, but with our hot and humid environment, these bugs thrive! In turn, our homes and lawns may have pest issues that can be difficult to identify – especially without proper guidance. Here at Blue Frog, our technicians are well trained in the local pests and insects and they stay versed in the common and even occasional invaders so that your home is as protected as can be. When you take care of the pests in and around your home, not only will your home be cleaner and less prone to damage, but your family will also be healthier. Did you know The National Pest Management Association reports that 63% of homes in the United States contain cockroach allergens? That is just one example of how having these in your home and your space could be affecting your health. In order to better protect you, our technicians identify the pests prior to deploying a mix of targeted non-chemical and low toxicity solutions. With our free callback guarantee, we make sure to work with you, the customer, to ensure your home is safe and the issues are resolved. We are so confident in our pest control that if there are any issues, we will be there within 48 hours* (average response time. Maximum response time 72 hours).

  • Sarasota Lawn Fertilization

    Fertilizing & Lawn Spraying

    Taking care of your lawn and plants doesn’t stop at just mowing your lawn. There are are variety of other services you can use to keep your lawn and plants healthy. Your lawn needs fertilizer, insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides to be healthy, and we gladly provide these services!

    Do you ever wonder “What’s wrong with my lawn?” From Chinch bugs, Mole crickets, Grubs, and Sod web worms to Large patch fungus, Take all root rot, Crabgrass and Dollar weed, we have the answer.
  • Sarasota Pest Control

    Insect & Weed Control

    Florida’s hot and humid environment has created the perfect ecosystem for lots and lots of insects! Many of these insects are quite damaging to your lawn and plants. Pests, like Chinch bugs, or Sod Webworms can wreak havoc on a lawn in no time at all. Floridians may be used to these pests, but you don’t have to welcome them to your space. At Blue Frog, we have just the systems to rid your lawn and garden by eliminating problems at the source. Our technicians will never use a “one size fits all” approach, but instead focus on cultivating the right technique and chemicals for the job. As insects become more resistant to insecticides, we are doing our part to assist homeowners in riding the pests altogether instead of merely trying to slow them down.

    Another big issue in our lawns and gardens are weeds, which grow seemingly overnight and can creep in with force. We focus on helping each and every homeowner to combat their weeds by using a variety of chemicals that, if bought individually, could cost the owner thousands of dollars. This targeted approach, alongside a trained and careful eye, will control the weeds in your yard with minimal environmental impact.
  • Sarasota Palm Service

    Palm Services

    At Blue Frog, we love to help with your palms! Our palm services are extensive. To begin, we offer a high quality fertilization process, which is designed and recommended by the University of Florida to keep your trees healthy and strong. Further, we dig into the issues that your trees could be facing with our nutrient deficiency correction. When figuring out what the tree may need, we can then perform deep root injections. This is the process of injecting beneficial bacteria and microorganisms into the soil for overall healthy of a palm and to aid in its recovery. Lastly we can help your palms thrive by performing a heart drench. This is when we apply nutrients or fungicides directly into the heart of the palm which can be preventive as well.
  • Sarasota Rodent Control

    Rodent Control & Baiting

    One of the most common rodents to enter our homes are the ever so intelligent and resourceful, rat. Rats are all to commonly an uninvited guest into our space and relying on them to leave on their own is not something we would suggest waiting around for. Rats can carry many diseases and have been responsible for the resurgence of typhoid fever in 2018. Even though the thought of them in your home can seem overwhelming, Blue Frog has the solutions to rid your home of these pests. With bait boxes, sealing, and trapping that are customized for your property. When we bait rodents, safety is always our number one priority. Our boxes are weighted and child/pet resistant, only to be opened with a specialized key. Not only that, but we also use boxes made out of 100% recycled plastic. We station our boxes closest to the rodent activity giving us the best and most effective chance at controlling them. With a barrier around your home and traps in the spaces they need to be, you can be confident that our technicians will rid your property of these pests.

  • Sarasota Termite Control

    Termite Control

    Blue Frog is proud to announce that we offer high0quality termite control! No matter the termites that you have on your property, we have a solution to help you. Our trained inspectors will help you identify which type of termite you are dealing with during our free consultation. You may be dealing with either Dry Wood termites or Subterranean termites. What is the difference between the two? Dry Wood termites are usually found inside of dry wood and are able to survive without moisture. They eat your wallpaper, plastics, fabrics, and anything made of natural fibers. Further more, Subterranean termites may be what you are dealing with. These termites need contact with the soil to survive and live underground colonies. They also will eat your wood, wallpaper, plastics, and fabrics made from natural fibers. At Blue Frog, we have state of the art technology in monitoring and controlling these termites and can completely eliminate the colony. Call us today to learn more about Trelona ATBS annual termite bait stations!
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